Blue Seas Technology Partners

Fostering innovation in software products and architecture

Blue Seas Tech partners with passionate entrepreneurs and startups to build enduring companies and platforms of true value.


Knowledge and experience is the foundation of good decision making.


A sound strategy is the roadmap to successful products with a solid future.


Customer needs dictate the appropriate technology, tools and deployment.

Hands on Experience and Expertise

Trusted experts in technology architecture and design consulting. Special emphasis is on cloud architecture, especially leveraging AWS and other mature platforms. Blue Seas actively mentors startups in Australia who are interested in increasing the viability and scalability of their architecture and technology strategy.

  • Software Architecture
    Software Systems & Platforms

    The software architect's role is to design and create solid systems that reduce complexity.

    We look at software projects at virtually any level and break them down into the steps and pieces necessary to implement a product. By knowing the process of defining crisp, unambiguous interfaces that are logically complete, Blue Seas Tech can empower many people to build pieces of systems that connect easily to achieve a larger goal.

  • Amazon Web Services
    Simplifying AWS

    Amazon is the clear leader in cloud services and have made large computing capcity available to retail customers. Many everyday household tech brands are built upon AWS products, of which there are new ones nearly every week. Getting started can be a daunting exercise to new entrants.

    We have a deep understanding of the full range offered and can help you get established on the AWS platform for a fraction of the cost of traditional physical co-location hosting or server farm.

  • Containers
    Docker and Containerization

    Modern app development requires a continuous delivery software development process using small independent microservices. Containers, like Docker, are making app deployment and DevOps management much easier with the move toward operating system virtualization. Container technology is getting a lot of attention, but is it hype or will it actually make app deployment faster and easier for developers? We are experts at looking at containerization holistically and can help you take advantage of new technologies like Docker.

  • Development
    Online Properties That Deliver

    Creating & promoting a website to be successful for you is also what we do. Choosing the best CMS for your project insures it will match your expectations for functionality and meet your needs far into the future. We make sure your site runs on the right technology, database, and hosting servers. It's an always-changing landscape filled with new and exciting opportunities. Launching your site is just the start to useing social sharing to connect you with the people you want to reach.

    If you need an ecommerce site, we are a Shopify Partner and can help you to quickly start selling online using a solid platform.